elliot - serving a life sentence in illiterate baby jail - a scary anti-fascist - @duderave on tumblr

today i discovered wingnut dishwashers union

i need more wild folk punk anarchist bands asap

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bro..... we babie


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just a daily reminder to my mutuals: if i ever do something problematic, let me know!! i'll stop and try to be better!!!

and also! if i ever make you uncomfortable you are free to unfollow me whenever!! it's totally okay and i respect that!!!

if i ever need to tag something, tell me and i'll do it right away!!! thats all

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I can't verify my e-mail. It's been days now and I can't understand what's the problem since the email I wrote it's correct... Thank you!

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There seems to be an issue with some coming through. If the email didn't get put into spam, don't worry - you can still use the site unverified.

i just hhhhhhhhh LOVE ukulele even learning Sad songs is NICE because im playing a BABY GUITAR how fukcnig AWESOME is that

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i wanna be the very funniest, that no-one ever was. posting original content is my real test, to get liked is my cause, water-fall! gotta post em all!

i love women

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that's it that's the post

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you;re hecking valid!!!!!!

me on my way to get some bread at 3 am

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Can people reblog this so i can find active users

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waterfall sometimes breaks, but thats okay! it fixes itself eventually and the community stays strong and positive as ever

trans rights are human rights

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